The vPhoto Gallery accepts text or voice commands and is able to find all media by date, location, or description. The app has a unique ability to recognize natural voice commands such as “Get my photos from last summer” and return the desired photos.

vPhoto is the only voice-searchable smartphone gallery that keeps your photos and videos private to your device and doesn’t transmit them to a server while you search. If privacy is your concern, use vPhoto.

Here are some of its other features:

  • Tags. You can add searchable tags to groups of photos and videos in batch using text or voice commands.
  • Share. Tag your friends in your photo gallery and you’ll be able to share those with friends. If your friends have the app too, they will get your shared photos along with the searchable tags that you added.
  • Voice recognition. The app will recognize your voice and translate those commands into queries.


Launched June 18, 2013

Digital Art

July 22, 2015